Tired of the rat race of politics.


There has  been an avalanche of news on the political rat race.  You see on a daily basis the negatives and the positives of each candidate.  The news media is on a decadent high exploiting the emotional turmoil Americans are facing as they decide on the two major candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  This has become one of the most emotional draining and violent elections of all time.  We are in a circus right now, and all of are lives are affected by the decisions that we make.  Some people are trembling in their skins in fear of what will happen if Donald Trump becomes president.  Some are becoming angry and disillusioned by the idea of having Hillary Clinton as the next president.  They both have their fans, and their angry enemies, that are taking bites out of their character every chance they get.

Many people are so emotionally vetted into this race that they have become violent at many of Donald Trump rallies.  It is not hard to believe that a fanatical American would be this way when Donald Trump is willing to pay their legal bills.  Voting is suppose to be  a very important decision but not to the point that it raises your blood pressure to lethal levels, makes you afraid to tell  anyone who you are voting for, or destroys your connection with a family member who happens to disagree with you on who to vote for.

Many people are getting tired of this rat race and deciding to opt out completely.  Its draining them and taking away from their inner peace.  I would not suggest opting out of voting but if you can’t make a confident decision between any candidate then opting out is probably the best choice.  Vote your conscious and do your research on the candidate.  Remember no candidate is with out stain.  Choose the one that you feel will be in alignment with what you want for the country the most.  Don’t let the rat race over whelm you.  Remember this too shall pass and you have to go on with your life.  You want to still be able to keep your sanity so you can live the best life possible.

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Dynamic review for “The Awakening of Myra Thomas”



This is an intense and frightening book and I so loved it. The haunting of Karen is so deep and sent chills through me, feeling the terror she went through. The horrific nightmares from the spirit of the slave Myra shook me to the core. Being possessed by a supernatural spirit, who endured so much pain and abuse, nearly send her over the edge. Karen struggles with not knowing what is happening to her mind and unsure if she is going insane. Her family and friends are just as confused and her emotions are so real, I felt all of them. I was held captive from the start and could not stop reading and hated to see it end. It is well written and the details are chilling and make it an awesome read. Ramona Sagola Frye is a gifted and brilliant author and I love her mind and imagination and I would love to read more from her. I recommend this book to all, it is gripping and exciting and one that made me sleep with one eye open.

By Lacia Porter

From Lil Misreader/Acclaimed Reviewer

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Time doesn’t have to be your enemy


Time “the master of your mind”

Every day, every hour, every moment, every second we’re constantly being ruled by it.  From the moment we wake up in the morning. We jump up out of bed like a chicken with its head cut off and look at the time.  We take a shower, brush are teeth, get dressed, and maybe have breakfast.  For most of us, breakfast is a luxury that only happens on the weekend. We immediately start thinking about dealing with rush hour traffic and praying that it won’t be a car accident or road block that makes us late for our job.  Once we get to work, if we’re late we dread having to face our boss and have to think up a new excuse on why we’re late.  We move through our day constantly checking the time and checking are work to make sure we made our quota for the day.  The panic doesn’t end there because as soon as the clock hits five o’clock or what ever time we get off, we jump up grab our purse, briefcase or what ever items we have to take home.  After are stressful work day is over, we rush home take are kid to baseball practice or dance lesson, stop at the store buy groceries then rush home and cook dinner.  We finally sit down watch television or surf the web.  Before we know it, we’re looking at the time and noticing it’s after ten o’clock.  We jump up brush our teeth, say goodnight to our loved ones, put on our pajamas and hit the sack.  The first twenty minutes after laying down, thoughts of all the stuff we have to do by a certain time runs through are head like a rabbit running through a cabbage patch.

Master time by prioritizing your life

This thing called time can be something that seems almost insane because we can’t seem to get our mind off of it. Time doesn’t have to be your enemy.  Go to sleep a little earlier if you have to get up early.  Later that morning, you will be thankful that you did.  You’ll wake up and finally have time to eat a bowl of cereal and have some coffee or tea.  You can finally walk to your car instead of dashing out like a crazed mad man or woman.  You can turn on your radio and listen to some uplifting music or throw in your favorite cd that always puts a smile on your face.   When you arrive at work, you’ll be way more relax.  You’ll have time to get to work early, park and go read the paper or check your emails on your cell phone.  You may even have time to jot down the most important things you have to do that day.  You are the master of time.  You just need to have a different perspective of it and get your priorities straight.  Your daily life is for living.  Time is just a filing system for everything you do in it.  What matters is the quality of the time not the time itself.  Take one day a week and try not to look at the time.   If you look at the time purposely more than twice then you are still letting this illusory concept master you.

Intuition is your greatest gift


Every day we’re faced with mass amount of information from sources coming from all types of places.  It doesn’t matter what the topic is because there will always be numerous views on how to perceive the topic. What ever information that you want on a certain topic, you should be prepared to get a lot of different views and opinions on what ever the topic.  Everyone you ask on a certain subject will have their view and most people feel their view is right and everyone else’s is wrong.  I once had a religious guy ask me if my religion was the right one.  I told him yes I believe it is of course I could see it in his eyes he completely disagreed with me.  He continued to invite to his church because of course he believed his religion was the right one.  This same cycle repeats its self in politics, marriage, education etc.  The bottom line is that after you get all these different perspectives on any of these topics, you will have to use your own intuition to make a decision in which one you will choose to be yours.  You may be in alignment with one of these perspectives or you may not.  The important thing to know is all these people are human just like you.  They are no more divine or no less.  What makes you think that some how they have a stronger connection to God, Allah, Buddha, The Creator or any  other higher power?  You have to eventually look within your self and know your own connection to what ever you believe in.  You have to use our intuition to make your decisions.  If you don’t the you will be like most of the eight billion people on the planet who rely mostly on mind conditioning to make their decisions.  This is not a judgement this is just a fact of are human nature.  We all have this wonderful gift of intuition but most of us rarely use it.  If you look at a very well balanced genuinely peaceful person, you will find a human being that uses the gift of intuition well.  It is a guidance mechanism that will lead you to the best for you.  It doesn’t matter what your religious or political beliefs are, you can still use your own intuition to see if you feel in harmony with it.  If you don’t feel in harmony with a certain belief or understanding then your intuition is telling that you need to do some research on this.  There is something about it that is not as perfect as you think.  Intuition is the greatest gift and should be used generously.  It will help you have a more fulfilling empowering life.

How to stay positive on steamy hot day


Dealing with mood swings in a heat storm

We all know that we’re suppose to drink a lot of water, stay in the shade, wear cool clothes when its hot.  Most of us women wish we could turn into a guy on those super hot steamy days then we could walk around shirtless.  All these ideas that help cool the body off, do very little to keep you from becoming grumpy and tired.  The heat penetrates your body and seems to bake the brain.  Your temper is short. The things that normally went right over your head, in the heat, seems to be overwhelmingly hard to deal with.  You snap at your kids more, your co-workers irritate the hell out of you for the smallest things, and your husband makes you want to pull your hair out.  It’s the heat changing your body temperature. It not only affects you physically but psychologically.

Slaying the psychological affects of heat stress

So how do we deflect the power of the heat’s furious blows to our psychiatric well being.  We have to take the smallest joys and make it a big thing.  We have to realize that this is just a temporary knock down from the elements as we move through are life’s journey.  Go buy your self a ice cream cone.  Don’t worry about your diet on a day that it’s 102 degrees outside with 80% humidity.  You are more concerned with your mental well being that day. Take a cool bubble bath and soak for twenty minutes.  Use your imagination and pretend your are on an exotic tropical island or that you are on a cruise ship heading toward Paris.  You can even imagine taking a trip to the moon or mars.  It doesn’t matter where you go, the key is to use your imagination to take you to a place of peace and relaxation.  Don’t let the heat dragon take away your joy or turn you into a mean nasty beast.  You can drink your ice tea and get under a shade tree and feel the breeze for a few minutes.  Go back to that thought every time the heat demons try to take you off balance.  Hot days come and go but they don’t have to take you down to your lowest state.  You can stay positive on those hot steamy days.  You can become your own super hero.  The heat is the villain that you refuse to take away your joy.

Getting past negativity by using your imagination


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Negativity is a nasty flea that is constantly buzzing around are face trying to throw us off balance.  It can’t be completely avoided but it can be transcended.  You can learn to use your imagination to take you to a joyful place until the flea flies away.  We are constantly bombarded with negative images and news through main stream media.  Sometimes its entertaining, sometimes its annoying.  We sometimes feel we are not keeping up with the modern day world if we don’t indulge in it daily. You don’t have to be a slave to it.  Use your imagination to bring you back to peace, joy, bliss, positivity.  We all have a  memory of something that was beautiful, joyful, exciting.  Learn to use941359142 your wonderful mind to escape the trap of negativity.

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Getting past negativity by using your imagination


Negativity is a nasty flea that is constantly buzzing around are face trying to throw us off balance.  It can’t be completely avoided but it can be transcended.  You can learn to use your imagination to take you to a joyful place until the flea flies away.  We are constantly bombarded with negative images and news through main stream media.  Sometimes its entertaining, sometimes its annoying.  We sometimes feel we are not keeping up with the modern day world if we don’t indulge in it daily. You don’t have to be a slave to it.  Use your imagination to bring you back to peace, joy, bliss, positivity.  We all have a  memory of something that was beautiful, joyful, exciting.  Learn to use941359142 your wonderful mind to escape the trap of negativity.

Reading is good for keeping the mind in shape


Reading is good for keeping the mind in shape.  Watching tv does nothing for strengthening your minds ability to think and imagine.  There is nothing wrong with watching television, movies, music videos, infomercials etc. They are for entertainment mostly. You have a universe within your mind’s imagination which can be exercised by reading.  It doesn’t matter the subject.  Hopefully, you don’t read things that will motivate you to hurt another.  If you do than I suggest you start reading something to help clear the negativity from your mind.  I am a passionate writer and I love entertaining and informing through my writings.

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Musical Soup For The Soul



A delicious treat through musical transformation.

Deep within, we all have the desire to find happiness and awaken to true being. We live in a very complex world with various perspectives, attitudes and rigid religious belief systems. Sometimes these diversions makes it very difficult for most of us to find are way to true freedom. Music has always been one of those avenues to give us a short glimpse away from the chaos of our everyday life.

I am delighted to introduce you to Rickie Byars Beckwith, an amazing woman with an evolutionary vision. She has been born with the dynamic gift to inspire and entertain simultaneously. She is an awesome singer, songwriter, musician, teacher and spiritual leader for modern day times. Her musical talent and humble desire to uplift the souls of all human beings makes her existence, a tasty and nutritional soup for the soul.

Ricky Byars Beckwith is the director of a 200 member choir at the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, CA. She also tours the world sharing her remarkable music and traveling with such great artist such as Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Will I am, Niki Harris and many other great inspirational artist. Through her dynamic delivery of inspirational songs, she leads us into a powerful transformational healing experience.

A desire to share a journey to awakening

Her desire to share her own evolutionary spiritual journey and awakening led her to write her remarkable master piece, “Let My Soul Surrender, Grace Notes of a Journey”. It is an inspirational book which compiles poetry, prose and storytelling styles that converge in a colorful mosaic of imagery. It also includes a masterful cd musical collection of songs. These songs have the profound power to lead you out of the depths of depression into the heavenly realms of true being.

A day in musical heaven

The day I heard Rickie’s voice for the first time was like taking a short trip into musical paradise. The way she delivered her songs with her robust dynamic voice was nothing short but awesome. The crowd was ignited and uplifted by her music and inspired by her lyrics. It was a musical feast watching her at the 2013 BraveheartWomen.com, “Rise convention.” I was on a natural high as I savored in the melodic and rhythmic tunes she delivered. Her book “Let My Soul Surrender, which includes a cd of her dynamic inspirational songs is like hot delicious soup for the soul. To visit her website and purchase her book and other inspirational products visit: http://www.rickiebb.com

My name is Ramona Frye and I am a women visionary freelance writer. It was a delightful pleasure writing this article. I am so proud to be a part of Braveheartwomen.com. They are a new innovative online network that specialize in motivating women visionaries. I am on a personal mission to entertain and inform through creative articles, short stories and screenplays. To learn more about me visit: http://www.elavationsun.com

The Element to daily renewal


Coral the element to daily renewal

Drinking purified water for a longer healthier life

It’s almost too simple to think that the magic cure for many ailments such as headaches, indigestion, common colds can be eliminated by drinking water. However; you will not be able to just drink normal tap water or any of the zillions of different types of bottled waters we buy in the grocery stores. It needs to be treated in order to get the acidity to the right balance. If are sacred life liquid water is not treated with a supplement balancing agent, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria’s, viruses and fungus’s.

Marlene Pritchard, a high spirited business woman from Madison, Mississippi and female visionary is proud to introduce America to Sango Coral Life’s, Defense for healthy living products. It is a two-step process that will change your health dramatically in the long run. It has the profound ability to help you live to be a happy, healthy and very physically happy hundred year old person. One satchel of Coral life put inside a glass of water will completely change the alkaline level. When the alkaline level is reduced free radicals such as bacteria and viruses will not live or breed. The Sango Coral life is a natural supplement abundant in minerals. It also contains magnesium, calcium and other trace elements such as zinc in a natural balance.

Stop the villains of free radicals before they attack

Coral comes from the sea of Okinawa. It is a scientific fact that more Okinawa’s live to be 100 compared to other parts of Japan. Japan is also the longest lived nationality in the world. Drinking this clear alkaline balanced water is one of the keys to this healthy and long living experience.

Marlene Pritchard has found a way to make a living while helping people live longer and fuller lives with less illnesses caused by free radicals in drinking water. Drinking supplement treated water can also cut down and completely stop many common discomforts such as diarrhea, constipation and indigestion.

A chance to renew the body

Sango Coral Life offers a free 90 day evaluation that will help you access which of their water supplement products is best for you. Marlene believes that taking small consistent steps toward everyday improvement in all areas of your life is the secret to huge successes in your personal and professional life. To learn more about this amazing supplement that can improve the health and wellness of you and your entire family visit http://www.SangoCoralLife.com. You can also email Marlene Pritchard at MarlenePritchard1@gmail.com. Marlene Pritchard is a member of Braveheartwomen.com, an online support group for women visionaries and entrepreneur’s.

Hello Readers! My name is Ramona Frye and I am a writer and female visionary. To read more about female visionaries visit braveheartwomen.com. You can also go to my website: http://www.elavationsun.com for more articles that entertain and inform simultaneously.