Dealing with Special needs Children during a recession.


Spring break just started so my autistic fourteen year old daughter is at home. This is difficult for her because she gets so much structure at school. When she’s at home she gets bored quick. Once this happens it’s very little I can get done until I can re-direct her attention for a while. The best way to deal with a special need child during a recession is to write down a list of fun activiies they like to do. Make sure these activities are economically feasible for you. Some of the fun activities I have for my daughter includes watching the country music station. She loves the guitar and Country Music is very influenced by the Acoustic Guitar. She keeps that station on 24/7. Another economical activitie is arts and crafts. My daughter loves to draw and use color pencils or Crayons. She loves coloring books on the Brat Doll, Hanna Montana or Dora the Explorer. She’s a great artist and draws alot of her on pictures and designs. Her favorite thing is to ask me to draw her favorite images. Thank goodness I am a pretty good artist. Hey you really don’t have to be a good artist to participate in this activity with your kid. Every human has a little tiny bit of a artist in side of them. Checkers, Chest or any board games. Hey they will do the trick of occupying their time for atleast a hour. Take a trip to the park and let your kid ride their bike or scooter. This will take up atleast a couple of hours of their time. Another great activitie is reading your kid their favorite story. And don’t just read it put some enthusiasm into it. Pretend your each character and change your voice as the characters change. This makes it more interesting for you and your child. Dancing and Excercise video’s. You don’t have to go out and by that guitar hero if you can’t afford it. There are alot of great dancing video’s out there fo less than fifty dollars. There great exercise and can feel your childs tension span for atleast a hour. Wow! I can’t believe how many activities I just name and that didn’t even scratch the service. But thats ok because I’ll be bringing more blogs with more ideas any way.

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