Eating great on a budget


   Just  because we’re in a recession doesn’t mean that you can’t eat great meals.   You have to know where and how to shop.    Stay away from the top Grocerie corporate chains like Albertsons, Ralphs or Vons.    The only time you’ll get a good deal is when they have sales.   If you do decide to go into one of them to pick up a really great deal they may have that week, make sure you still with the sales items only.   This is the biggest mistake people make.   They go into these large food chain places for the special items on sale.   The next thing they know their picking up items they need but are not on sale.   This is where they get you.   They make up for the discount they gave you on sale item by chargeing you a arm and leg for most of the other items in the store.   Go to the non-name brand stores.     Sav-A-lot is the best but if you don’t hav a Sav-a-lot then look for a Food for Less.   They have more specialty gourmet items on sale but they are still cheaper than Albertsons or Ralphs.    Check out he the dollar tree or 99 cent stores.    A lot of these stores have food sections now.   You can get alot of great deals there.    Try to remember your list.   It’s the greatest key to getting every thing to plan your weekly menu with out getting miscellaneous things you don’t need.      Its too easy to indulge in impulse buying without a list.    Get in a habit of sticking to a list then eventually you will automatically make it with out thinking about it.     Just write down a list of all of your favorite meals.    At these discount stores you will be surprised how much you can save and still eat tasty home cook meals.

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