Keeping kids busy during spring Break


Spring break can be fun but it can also be very stressful when you have kids. When their in school their use to having a structured schedule. They have very little idle time. Once it’s time for them to get out of spring break their usually more hyper than normal. Their excited about not having to get up in the morning. Their minds is completely on having fun, fun, fun. After a two or three days they will start really getting bored if their time is not occupied with some pretty interesting stuff. After a couple of days playing video games all day they will get bored and this makes it easier for kids to get in to things they shouldn’t get in to. Make a schedule of a few different activities to do on a daily basis. For example from 9am to about 11 am you can all play board games. After this it’s tim to start lunch. After lunch take them for a ride to the park and play some tennis or let them ride on their bikes or skate boards. This will fill their day up until about four pm. By this time their stomachs are growling and it’s time for dinner. After dinner put in a few movies you rented or order them from your cable adviser. Try to create a different schedule each day this will make it more exciting for them and you. Before you know it the week will have passed and they’ll be back in school. You’ll have reduced your stress and still have enough energy to start back your work week.

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