Farewell to “Tweety”


I know what your thinking, I thought Tweety was a bird. A really mean bird that was always getting the cat in trouble. No not in my situation. My cat name was Tweety. She was one of the dearest loves of my life. Every time I saw her sitting in the kitchen window I felt a angel was protecting me. She had the most beautiful white, black and grey hair. It was kind of long and she had started getting wide around the stomach area as she got older. I had her for nearly ten years. That’s about seventy in cat age. I allowed her to have several litters but after the last one I could see it in her eyes that she was tired of being knocked up. I got tired of being knocked up after two kids so I know after five litters she was tired. I had her neutered but she was never really the same after that. She couldn’t move as fast as she use to. That cat use to move so fast that it would be like watching a blur when she ran up a tree or ran pass you. Every morning she would be sitting outside my kitchen window just enjoying the nature around her. She seem to appreciate all the beauty around her. When ever I came out side to sit and look at the mountains she would come and sit right by me. Most of the time she would stay until I got up. It was like she belonged to that house. She was like a protector of the house and my family. We lived on a acre and a half of land so she had plenty of space to roam and venture off. There use to be a lot of male cats snooping around before she got neutered. I think she was relieved that no more male cats were fighting over her however; I believe she became very lonely. One winter it rained a lot and my husband at the time let the grass grow up to three feet high. My son forgot to put her in the garage that night when it was raining really heavy. The next morning I went to open up her brand new garage, which was almost like a studio house, I opened up the door and she was gone. Her son “Little Lion was in their but Tweety was gone. I ran back up to the house and asked my son if he knew where Tweety was. Later that day my son came home and gave me the gruesome news. My son found her tail at the end of the property. I felt so bad for my precious Tweety. She was gone and now in Animal Heaven. I never thought I could be so close to a animal. I knew she loved me even though she could never say it. Just the look in her eyes when she was near me let me know she had unconditional love for me. I will remember my dear pet cat “Tweety” for ever.

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