My favorite Modern Day Hero’s


I think the greatest hero’s are the one’s that you don’t see in the movies. Some of them are great actors or actresses but their nothing compared to the real life Hero’s. A hero can be somebody that just did something compassionate for one person or a Hero can be some one that have helped hundreds or even thousands of people. There were a lot of Hero’s during the Tsunami and the Katrina storms. Their were people that had very little for them selves but still found it in their heart to help some one else. There were so many people that made a lot of small donations. Some people might feel well I don’t have much to give. Stop thinking like that. Every little bit counts and all those little bits add up to massive amounts of goods and services that help hundreds and thousands of people. My favorite modern Hero’s are inspirational Authors. We all need as much inspiration as feasibly possible. We’re living in a recession that hasn’t affected people to this level since the great depression. Most people alive now didn’t even exist on this planet then. One of my favorite writers is Donald Walsch. His writing will help motivate you to connect to your inner spiritual power. We get so caught up in the world around us. Our stressful lives can be very mentally debilitating some times. We often forget about are inner world where we are observing the world around us. He has inspired me and millions of others with his conversations with god books. Wayne Dyer, is another author that absolutely keep me in a state of awe when I read his books. I suggest you go out and by a copy of his book “There’s a solution to every problem.” If your like most people you have some type of problem that you want to solve. He has a lot of great daily affirmations that I have posted in different parts of my house so I can read them on a daily basis. I think are new president Barack Obama is a great hero. He has inspired millions of Americans to focus on their hope for a better tomorrow and not on their fears. I think everyone has some one that’s a hero to them. It may be your neighbor that lives down the street that passes out presents to kids every Christmas. It may be a kid that lives up stairs from you that clears the snow off of your walk way. You can become a hero to some one just by smiling at them. Hey, you never know they might have been in the most depressing mood and just seeing your smile brightened their day. I ran into a guy like that one day. The moment I saw his eyes all my troubles were gone. Just looking into his big beautiful eyes was like being in heaven. He smiled at me and asked me my name. I was almost speechless. He was so gorgeous. His smile was so beautiful. Every time I think about him I think I was touched by a angel that day.

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I am a passionate creative writer on a mission to entertain, inspire and inform humanity through igniting short stories, articles and original movie and novel excerpts. I will be bringing you many enticing short stories and articles on a wide variety of intriguing topics. This site is for the revelation of the mind through entertainment. Stay tuned and keep an open mind and you will continuously find many delights for the mind, body and soul.

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