The worst monster movie I ever saw


I heard of low budget movies but “Wrong Turn” wasn’t even a low budget movie, it was just horribly written and directed. The movie starts out with this guy who got lost traveling on the freeway. The freeway was so crowded he decided to take a dirt road. He stopped at this gas station and their was this dirty old elderly man sitting on a bench drinking Pepto Bismo like it was soda. His teeth was rotten and he could barely talk. The young man asked the elderly man if he could use the phone. Their was a dirty old phone booth in front of the store that looked like it had been there since the beginning of the Great Depression. The elderly man pointed at the phone and the young guy finally realize the phone booth was right in front of his face. He notices a map on the wall of the store. It shows a short cut route to his destination. He ask the elderly man if he knew anything about this mysterious short route. The old man just shook his head. He soon meets up with these other young people that are lost to. None of these young people in the 2000’s have a cell phone. Now how ridiculous is that. All of you young college students are taking long trips into the woods and nobody has a cell phone. Now I could see if their cell phones weren’t working but they did not have a cell phone. Unbelievable. One by one they get killed by these deformed filthy looking humans. The last three finally escape and run into a junk yard with a bunch abandoned cars. These cars range from the era of the 1920’s all the way until 2005 when this ridiculous movie was made. The actors aren’t that bad but the script was just unbelievable. They never told you how these deformed humans got there. You never know how they were able to kill all these people for the last seventy years with out getting caught. It ends with a young college girl and guy getting away. The same young guy goes back to the raggedy gas station where the old man was still sitting and pulls the mysterious dirty map off the wall of the store. If you haven’t seen it, my advice please don’t go. It will just piss you off because you will not be able to swallow the thought that none of these young college kids have a cell phone in the new Millennium.

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