How to use nature as a stress reliever


Most of the time we take nature for granted. We’re so busy watching are television, surfing the internet, listing to are ipods that we forget about the most precious things we have. We forget about the beauty of the planet that we’re living on. We become so consumed with all are electronical gadgets that we forget about the most valuable thing we have. The only time people usually focus on nature is when there is some type of power outage. Then we’re forced to light candles and look out side at all the trees and plants around us. We can hear the beautiful sounds of birds, crickets and even the leaves swishing in the wind. Something really wonderful happens then because we can finally slow down. We learn to appreciate everything more. Take some time every day to just breath in the air. Stop to smell the flowers sometimes. You will be surprise how it relaxes you. There is no cost for this. It’s ironic how the most valuable inexpensive thing we have, we rarely stop to appreciate and indulge in it. May be we should take one day a week and turn off all are electronic gadgets for a few hours and just sit out side and enjoy nature. Start walking more and playing out side like we did when we were kids. Kids and senior citizens are usually the most peaceful beings because they appreciate and enjoy nature the most.

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