Why tail gators really push my buttons?


I will never for the life of me understand why people tail gate. Is there ego so big they think they own the road and every one is suppose to jump when they say jump? Are they so ignorant that they don’t realize it usually doesn’t solve anything? Most of the time they just piss people off and start the process of road rage. It has happened to me a million times where some one is tail gating me and I pull over to the next lane. The next thing I know their tail gating some one else. I’ve seen times when I get to my destination much faster than the person that was rudely tailgating me. Tail gators are the main cause of accidents on the freeway. Their in such a hurry that they wind up getting in a accident, then they don’t get to their destination at all. Even if they do get to their destination it takes them triple the amount of time. All you tail gators out their I am here to inform you that tail gating usually just slows you down, piss you off and pisses the person your tailgating off. And for all of you that don’t know what tail gating is then I’ll educate you right now. It’s when your riding some one’s bumper. When you don’t have enough sense to put your blinker on and get in the other lane, then switch lanes and get back in front of them. Next time you think of tail gating remember this article it will reduce your stress and the person you would have rudely tail gated.

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