What’s going on in your kids head?


What’s on going on in your kids head?

We live in a age in which kids are getting involved with things that would have never happened twenty years ago. We ask are selves why are children doing such horrendous acts now? There is something wrong when we have nine, ten, and fourteen year olds killing their parents or shooting up the neighborhood. What is going on when a perfectly normal kid ends up overdosing at teen party off of ecstasy? I don’t know how many times, I’ve read about parents who have had children who have committed these horrific acts say they couldn’t believe they would do something like that. During the Columbine shootings several years ago the parents didn’t have a clue their teenage sons were building bombs in the garage. We ask are self how can we know? How much time do you really spend with your kid? Really ask your self this question sincerely. How often do you and your child actually spend time talking to each other. Notice how much time your child spends watching television, surfing the internet, listening to his or her Ipod, text messaging on his cell phone. And this doesn’t even include the time that he or she is at school and your at work. Honestly, most people probably spend a half hour a day talking to their kids. This is the type of stuff that needs to stop in order for you to really know what’s going on in your kids head. Sit down and right out a schedule where you plan at least three hours a week where you and your kid are actually just communicating together. And don’t include while your watching television. Television is the biggest distraction. It’s what is raising the kids these days and it needs to stop. The more quality time you spend with your kid where your communicating, the more you will really know what’s going on in their head. Don’t wait until he does something wrong before you start talking to him. This is the main reason kids hide things from their parents is because their afraid you’re going to nag them to death. If you take the time to build a relationship with your kid you’ll be able to read him like a book.

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