What is happening to Karen?


It seemed like time had stopped, as I stood there waiting for
the light to turn. My feet felt like they were on fire. Suddenly, I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I immediately turned around and this black woman was about two inches from my face. Sweat was dripping down her face profusely. I could sense terror in her eyes as her body shivered and she stood their breathing like her lungs were about to collapse. Tears rolled down her somber face as she pouted and moaned. The old raggedy scarf she had on her head looked as though it was about to wither and fall off. Her dingy blouse sleeves were
rolled pass her elbows and dirt and mud covered her hands. Her skirt was so long that it touched the tip of her toes and dragged along the ground. It was as if she had stepped out of the eighteenth century and walked into my world.

“Excuse me I said as I moved around her. “I looked up and
the light had finally turned red. An urgent feeling of fear abruptly consumed me. I could feel my heart racing as I started walking frantically across the street. She seemed so odd and out of place. I almost couldn’t believe I was seeing her. My mind started grabbing on to any thoughts to make me feel some sense of reality. I started thinking about all the strange homeless people that are constantly hanging out downtown. I quickly glanced back and she was gone.

As soon as I got across the street, I slowed my pace. Why did I have to be so cheap and park nearly two blocks from work I thought? I had been parking there for nearly eight years? At that moment, I would have given an extra hundred bucks to park in the parking lot under are prestigious law office. I couldn’t have been more than half a block away from the economy parking lot when I felt my heal loosen up and collapse. Before I knew it I slid and fell backwards on my head. My briefcase and purse flew up in the air and came tumbling down. I felt a hard thumping sound on the back of my head and passed out. When I opened my eyes people were standing around me. The images of them were blurry and I felt almost like I was still dreaming.

I instantly noticed the strange homeless black woman standing about a half a feet away from me. She was more real and vivid than anyone else. It was as if they were transparent ghostlike beings standing around her. I could suddenly feel the emotion of her tears. Tears started dripping down my face. I felt like I had just came from a dear friends funeral.

I reached my arms out and suddenly, felt the strong arm of a man helping me up. I frantically glanced around to find her. She had surprisingly vanished again. I quickly straightened up my clothes as I continued searching for any sign of her.

“Miss.” “Are you ok ? asked the tall thin blonde haired man standing in front of me. He reminded me of the typical lawyers that walked up and down the busy streets of Cedartown, Ohio. He had that typical proud professional look on his face. It was the look of endowed success. He was on top of the world and was a part of the untouchable Harvard educated attorney’s that financially flourished in the small town. He wore the basic black designer suit, with a white shirt and grey striped tie. He carried a thick leather brief case and had the perfect short professionally styled hair cut. I reached out my arm and shook his hand. He smiled and handed me my purse and brief case.

“Yes” “Thank you so much I said. “The heal of my shoe
broke.” I stooped down and picked up my shoe and broken heel. I was fanatical about finding any sign of her. I felt like I had to prove to my self she was real. “Dam it” “I just bought these shoes a couple of months ago and paid over a hundred dollars for them I said angrily. “Well you know they don’t make them like they use to he said. “I know I said. I did a three hundred and sixty degree turn as the man stood their looking at me as if he wondered about my stability. I was so anxious to find her I almost forgot he was their. I didn’t even see the rest of the people leave. I quickly turned back toward him.

“Sir” “Did you see this strange looking black woman. “She,” “She was wearing these dirty old fashion clothes.” “I think she’s probably one of the homeless people that hang out downtown. “No” “I would have noticed that right away. “But just around the corner near the train station there’s dozens of homeless people. “I’ve stopped there and gave them a few bucks a couple of times he said.

“I can’t believe you didn’t see her.” “She was standing about a half a feet away from me. “I saw her before about fifteen minutes ago. “She was at the stop light a few buildings down from where I work. “Excuse me Miss.” “But are you sure your ok? “Because there was no one around you that even remotely fit that description. “Maybe you should go get your head checked.” “You fell back on your head pretty hard when your heel broke.” “I was just a few feet behind you when I saw you fall. You could have a slight concussion. You were out
a few seconds. I saw your eyes close and open up. I was about to call 911” “In order for you to pass out like that you had to have been hit pretty hard.” I could feel a sore spot at the back of my head. I rubbed it, then looked at my fingers. I didn’t see any blood on my hand. I felt a small sense of relief just knowing I wasn’t going to need any stitches. “I’m not bleeding.” “Thank god.” “I felt it but it just stings a little.” “It happened so fast. “This woman she must have been following me. “She was closer to me than any one else.” “I know I saw her.” “Karen I said to my self. “I know I’m not crazy she was standing within a inch of my face I said. “Where the hell did she go that quick.

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