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Who should you love?


The first thing we really should ask our selves is who has the right to tell some one who they should love. What deity gave them the right to choose for some one else. What person or persons decided that this person was worthy of being a deity. I know for generations people have spoke about how their religion dictates to them who they should love. But doesn’t every one deserve the right to choose what religion they should have? What happened to free will? Have those two precious words been stripped from our memories? Free will to many is only valid when the free will is in line with their beliefs. So lets get back to who should you love or how should you love. We know about love when it comes to our parents, siblings, relatives and friends. This is usually agreed upon by all regardless of what religion or culture we come from. However; when it comes to an intimate partnerships that’s when the various judgments are activated. Many people put on their judges robe and decide what the sentence should be for not loving the right person. Some people belonging to a certain mindset will read this article and automatically say that the author is promoting homosexuality.

This is far from the truth. This article is about the fact that no human being has any authority to tell two consenting adults who they should love. It would be a modern day miracle if people in the judges robes, The ones who have been systematically brainwashed could finally open up their minds. If these personal judges could start putting their selves in the place of some one who for what ever reason falls in love with another person in the same gender. How would they feel if some one told them they could not love some one from the opposite sex. It would truly blow their minds. They would probably need serious psychiatric help after being told they could no longer love the one they longed for. Many people will continue to argue that because of their belief they can not and will not approve same sex relationships or marriages. The problem is not that people disagree with homosexual relationships or marriages. The real problem is when they try to take away some one’s free will because it is different from theirs. No one says you have to condone homosexual relationships. It is a matter of respect that is the real issue. If we could create a society in which we see every being as divine and allow them to view the world from their own perspective. When we can learn to accept them even if their perspective is different from are own. If mankind can ever get to this idea state then the question of who you should love would no longer be relevant. We will finally reach a state in which the only thing that matters is the fact that love is being experienced.

Can we save the Earth?


The most precious thing we have is the ability to live on this planet. If the resources on this planet are diminished to the level in which we can not survive on it, then we lose are vital ability to save the planet earth. It is a well known fact that the ozone layer is being depleted at a alarming rate. It is not possible to reverse the clock, but it is possible to start taking care of are most vital treasure. Some of the very simple ways people can start saving the earth is to really start appreciating the fact that it can be taken away. For so many years huge corporations and the average citizen have automatically assumed that the earth was ours forever no matter how we treated it. Most of us are now aware that we can not continue to abuse the planet with out any ramifications. I am going to introduce just a few steps the average citizen can help save the earth. The first one is recycling. A plastic bottle takes thousands of years to degrade in the earths soil causing harm to the quality of earth. Small animals often get sick from chipping away at this re-usable plastic. It only takes a few seconds to store all your plastics in a separate bag then your regular trash. At the same time you can have a small automatic savings plan just by collecting cans, plastics and glass. Another way to help save the earth is to walk as much as you can. If the store is just a few blocks down the street , start taking the time to walk instead of getting in your car zooming off. You’ll save mileage, help keep the air cleaner and get your self some much needed exercise. Utilize in scents instead of constantly spraying with aerosol sprays. It’s much more economical and will allow you to breath easier.

If you’re a smoker try at least cutting down. Try some of the great products on the market which help smokers quit or cut down. Cigarettes have carcinogenic toxins inside of them that help to slowly eat into the ozone layers. Saving the planet is also a spiritual mind-set we must continue to develop and utilize. We must look at the earth as our extended body. Do some research by going to your local library or use a search engine on the internet and search on how to save the planet. Just changing our mindset and putting the time into research and use that knowledge by taking action. Utilizing these few simple but powerful methods is what will truly save the earth. We will be giving future generations to come the opportunity to enjoy life on this planet as we and our forefathers have enjoyed for thousands and even millions of years.