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The Moral of the Story Is….


The balancing of entertainment and knowledge:   

Are very existence is based on a story.  However;  the stories we focus on mostly,  are about the stories we read in magazines, novels, short stories, newspapers, online blogs, websites etc.   We delve deeper into stories and become more intoxicated by them when we watch movies, webisodes, cartoons, mini-series.  These stories have a variety of enticing genre’s that most of us are magnetized towards.     What are the story categories are you most enticed by?   Do you even know?  Maybe you’re the type that turns the television on and watches what ever keeps your attention for more than ten minutes. 

     Even reality shows are a story.  However; they have a different format than the traditional story that always have a beginning, middle and end.   Reality shows focus on the emotional drama that unfolds in a certain family, group of people or businesses everyday life.   They edit out all the stuff that’s not interesting enough to keep your attention for more than twenty minutes.   They like to term it reality in order to make you think you’re getting a virtual tour of the person or persons life.  It is a well laid plan and it has a moral of the story.  Reality shows greatest way of keeping your attention is to lead you to believe that their everyday existence is always like what you are viewing.   It’s a big commercial selling you false lifestyles which appear to be real to you. 

      How can you learn from these fake stories that are made to appear real.    Well, If you know how to decipher the format or the story, you can learn something.  Even if learning that this show gives you no knowledge at all.  You may even learn that it is planting a lot of negative ideas in your mind. If you can learn how to choose and watch movies or read stories that entertain and inform you simultaneously,  then you have unveiled a powerful tool for releasing a lot of anxiety and stress.  I know that you might be asking yourself something, you’d never asked before.   How can something that I’m watching or reading for entertainment purposes, teach me something?  This is an important question because most people have very little leisure time. It adds up to about twenty percent of your life. This is why your leisure time is very important and should be handled wisely.   

How entertainment can be poisoning your mental state:

   It’s great to have entertainment time.  You’ve worked hard all day, week and year for it.   Learning the moral of the story from the movies or books that you are absorbed in, will help release some of the anxiety that you are picking up from this experience. Let’s face it, most of the movies or reality shows we watch, involves people experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety. Don’t worry! You don’t have to give up your love of drama, horror or thrillers. You can still learn something from them, and learn how to alleviate some of the pressure they are putting on your subconscious mind. This is why it doesn’t matter if its a very violent or horrific plot.   There usually is a message that you can learn from it. 


         Learning the moral of the story can lead you into to learning how others lose their moral and experience suffering because of it.   Most horror stories are about the victim and the victimizer.  And usually, the victimizer was once a victim them selves.   These type of stories teach you that this is a vicious cycle.    Even zombie movies have a moral of the story within the plot.  The zombies were once normal.  Then alone came some scientist or alien race that poisoned them with some chemical or supernatural mind device that changed them into these mindless monsters.  The mindless monsters go out, bite and torment their victims then they turn into zombies too, and the vicious cycle continues.   The same goes for the countless vampire movie plots.  They were all once normal humans.  Then some force or person made them their prey, and wanted them as their follower, so they ate some of their blood for dinner.   They left them enough blood to keep them alive then they turned into vampires.   It’s the same vicious cycle in a different form.   You can look at your own life and see if there are any negative cycle continuously repeating.   If you can be aware that you’re on this nightmare merry go round, then you can stop it and get off or jump off. 

     You can also start reading or watching movies that encourage or inspire you.    It is easy to pick up the moral of the story with these types of movies or books.  These stories can be fictional or non-fictional.   Below I am listing a few stories with great moral learning lessons.
Saving Private Ryan: A story about men who were willing to risk their own life to save another man so he could be reunited with his family. All of his siblings had died in the war. This is a great story to teach empathy toward humanity.

      2.   Avatar:  This is a story of transformation in which one man  who changes from someone self absorbed in his own goal, to someone who gives up his own career to help a civilization. This alien culture had been brutally oppressed and killed in order for a cruel government to gain their precious natural resources.  A great story for learning about courage and determination.

      3.   The Color Purple:  This story tells of two siblings who suffer through years of being apart, but never give up their desire to reunite. A great story to learn patience.

I just listed a few popular movies and the moral of their stories.  I also listed what you can learn from it.     Different people have various taste in movies and stories.   It’s up to you to choose what will entertain you with out causing you to have a lot of extra emotional baggage. The moral of this story, and why I am writing it is; to start elevating the minds of humanity.   We have a choice in how we enjoy are life.   Learning from every story can be something you can look back and say; Now I realize what I needed to learn.

    I know you may be attached to reading or watching things in certain genre’s such as:  suspense, mysteries, thrillers, horrors, fantasy, sci-fi,  supernatural, dramas.   Many movies have a small amount of all these categories within the unfolding of the plot.   The more you start thinking out side the box, and start tuning into something different, the more you can learn.    Entertainment is not really just to help you get away from your life.   It’s also there to help you learn more about life.  
Stay tune for more stories from ramonamewrites at Keep taking the time to read a new story or watch a new movie.   It is a time to go into another world and have an adventure for the mind to enjoy, and the soul to feel.



A woman with a burning desire for education



A woman with a burning desire for education.

By Ramona Frye


Freedom from oppression through education

          Angela Raduk Miller is one of the rare human beings who was born with a sense of their life’s purpose.  She was born during the baby boomer era in the small village of Sarawak, located in the tropical Islands of Malaysia.   Her parents knew she had this extraordinary gift and gave her the name, “Raduk” which means in her native Badayuh language, “A girl of burning desire.”   It is this natural burning desire to survive and triumph over all obstacles that helped her to survive and pursue her mission.   She has written this extraordinary inspirational book called “Horned Bills Daughter.”  This book takes you on an inspirational adventure of one woman’s determination and courage to survive.  She struggled through all odds to become educated and fought for educational rights for the women of her small village and around the world.    Education became the way to connect to the world community and learn about all different types of cultures.   She learned to respect others more and honor all of humanity regardless of their cultural differences.   Winning through education helped her obtain the courage to inspire women to pursue education for empowerment worldwide.

Using difficult challenges to gain courage and determination

          We live in a world of many obstacles and experience many unexpected challenges.   Women face specific challenges every day that require them to be strong and courageous.   They need that extra inspiration and determination to triumph over any obstacles that may be challenging them in their business, social, career or romantic life.   Angela Raduk Miller reveals in her book how you can use many of the challenges in your life as a way to build courage and determination.  In this book you will be entertained as you are inspired to learn how to gain that ultimate power that will help you manifest your destiny.    It is a tropical journey in which she fights to triumph over poverty, discrimination, lack of modern healthcare, debilitating superstitions and opression.    

Changing disempowering beliefs

          Angela Raduk Miller’s book has been rated a five star read by amazon.  It is an informative book that will help you to start letting go of disempowering beliefs or negative mind conditioning.   Please visit:  to purchase her astounding book “Hornbills daughter.”   It is time for a universal equalization that stops women from being held back based on old distorted beliefs that were created to help males stay in power of the planet.   We now have the resources to fight any discrimination or disempowerment that we may experience as women.   We have made it to “2014.”  Let’s make this a year we start on are great path to great change for the empowerment of women.

          Ramona Frye is a universal creative freelance writer specializing in creative fiction and non-fiction short stories, articles and screenplays that inspire and encourage women to create a winning spirit.   She happily admits to being a dedicated optimist and a movie fanatic.  She specializes in writing supernatural scripts and stories surrounding women’s issues.   To learn more about her writings visit:,

          Ramona Frye encourages you to find out more about how you can be involved in helping women and yourself in gaining empowerment to live an extraordinary life visit:               

Donny’s Blues


Requiem for a way out of poverty and despair

          Donny paces back and forth in front of his apartment window waiting desperately for Jimmy to arrive.   He lives in one of the roughest areas of town.   Most nights Donny and his girlfriend can’t sleep due to the constant sounds of gunshots firing through the neighborhood.  Donny’s  only wish is to finally finish college, get a good job in advertising,  then move as far a way from the hell whole neighborhood he lives in as he can.   Donny frowns and feels a turning in his stomach as he nervously holds his pathetic college report card in his fragile thinning hand.  The room is dimly lit, and it is so quiet that you can hear the subliminal rugged sound of the apartment’s dusty old ceiling fan.  In his living room is two worn down mix match leather recliners and a faded coffee table.   They didn’t even have a television any more.   Donny had to sell all of their decent furniture in order to pay for his college tuition this semester.  The only thing they had for entertainment was Donny’s grandfathers old radio that only picked up a few stations.   Things had gotten so bad that Donny couldn’t even afford very much to eat.  His body is now only a fraction of the size it was when he was in high school. 

    Donny walks over to the window and opens up the dusty curtains.   His girlfriend had been so busy she didn’t even have time to knock down the dozens of spider webs that were clinging on to the corners of the ceiling walls.  He looks both ways to see if Jimmy’s car is coming down the street.    As he stands there nervously, he starts reminiscing on how he was once a buffed up quarter back in high school.    He thinks about how perfect every thing seemed back then.  He remembers how popular he was and how all the girls wanted to go out with him.   In his graduation year book he was named the most likely to succeed.  His temporary joy quickly changes when he thinks about how he is being supported by his girlfriend who’s working two jobs.  

       With a sullen expression on his face, Donny walks over to the counter and grabs his lighter and a pack of cigarettes off the counter.   He anxiously pulls a cigarette out of the carton, then lights it up as his fragile hands shake.   He steps over to the refrigerator in his small out of date kitchen and opens up the refrigerator.  He shakes his head as he notices the nearly bare shelves.   There is nothing left in the refrigerator but a jar of old pickles, a container of eggs  and a carton of milk.   He grabs the carton of milk out of the refrigerator, then takes a huge sip.   He nearly vomits on the floor. He quickly holds his hand over his mouth, then rushes over to the sink and spits the curded milk out. “How come every thing in my life sucks?” Donny yells out. He dumps the carton of spoiled milk into the trash can.  He takes a few more puffs off his cigarette than puts it out in the sink.   He looks up at the ceiling and notices that one of the florescent lights are out. 

       Donny is about to strut over to the pantry and get a new light bulb, when the roaring sound of a car horn startles him.   He rushes over to the window and notices Jimmy’s car in the drive way.   He feels a small sigh of relief as he rushes to the door and opens it up.  Jimmy runs up to the door with an agonizing look on his face. 

    Donny and Jimmy had been best friends since grade school.   They went through everything together and they were always there for each other.   Donny immediately opens the door. Jimmy rushes frantically pass him.

  “Donny! God dam it!”   said Jimmy.   “Those Bastards.”

   “What the hell is going on?”  said Donny.

  “I didn’t get the promotion so I can’t give you the money for the tutor.”  said Jimmy.   “You’re going to just have to take some of the classes over next semester.”

   “Jimmy!” said Donny.   “What the hell do you mean?”  I loaned you the money to pay for your new car.   That’s why I didn’t get the god dam tutor last semester.  Now you’re telling me you can’t give me the money because you didn’t get the promotion.”

   “You can wait til next semester.” said Jimmy.    “My uncle’s selling his boat and he’s going to give me five thousand dollars next month.”  “I told him I needed it for you now.”  “He said he has to make some repairs on the boat before he can sell it.   “I promise you Donny.”  “You’ll get the dam money back.” 

Donny rushes over to the coffee table, picks up a glass vase then throws it against the wall.   The riveting sound of glass sputters.   Bits and pieces of glass are all over the living room floor.   Donny rushes into the kitchen and starts taking glasses out the cabinet and throwing them on the ground.   He takes the eggs out the refrigerator and throws them on the counter.    He angrily takes his hands and smashes the gooey egg mixture all over the counter.  “This is what’s happening to my life Jimmy.”   said Donny.   

“Come on Donny.” said Jimmy.  You can still graduate next semester.  Don’t try to make me feel guilty.  I couldn’t help that I didn’t get the promotion.  I promise you that if I don’t get the money from my uncle before the beginning of the semester,  I’ll sell my mom’s old Mercedes Benz.  It’s in excellent condition. She left it to me before she passed away.  I swore, I’d never sell it.  But you’re my home boy.  You know I’d do any thing for you.” 

  Jimmy walks up to Donny and grabs his hand as he is about to destroy one of his high school football trophies.   Jimmy takes the trophy out of Donny’s hand and sits it back on the fireplace mantle.   Jimmy grabs Donny’s shoulders and looks intensely into his eyes.  He escorts Donny over to the recliner.   They both sit down and listen to the rugged sound of the ceiling fan.   Donny slightly smiles as he leans back and fantasizes about his college education, successful career and new home in a new safe neighborhood.

 The End