Ascend To Mastery


Expanding your mind for a grander reality

Most humans on earth are completely oblivious to the fact that we are living in a magnificent time of spiritual expansion. Most of humanity will find it hard to believe that we are very fortunate beings. Every day we awaken to a constant bombardment of catastrophic news. The main stream media are addicted to finding and informing the public of the most gruesome events that happen on a daily basis. Behind this delusional media fiasco, is a deep awakening that’s happening on a collective conscious level and an individual conscious level. We now have some very powerful tools available that will allow us to tap into our higher self and start stepping into our magnificent infinite power. Once we open “Pandora’s,” box we start experiencing a vast reality far greater than we ever believed possible.

Sherilyn Bridget Avalon, a very spiritually evolved human being is delighted to present to humanity, “Ascension oils.” This powerful tool comes as a 28 page workbook. Inside its pages is a method to make a positive healing transformational breakthrough in your life within seven days. With this introductory Ascension Oil mastery kit, clients receive a sample signature crystal rose oil which helps create beauty within you on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. It is specifically designed to help you think clearer, feel more love and balance. You can purchase individual crystals to add to your oil collection in order to help you get your desired effect. With your kit the ascension oils support group discusses the important attributes of empowerment energy. This new found energy aids in the healing of the physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies.

Secret Universal truths that lead to experiencing our infinite expanded spirit

Sherilyn Bridget Avalon is an amazing spirit that is on a mission to expand the human spirit by introducing it to a multi-dimensional life scope. She is one of the cutting edge inspirational motivators of the new millennium. On a daily basis she enjoys zig zagging through other realms of existence. She has learned to bridge the two worlds in order to create a greater more adventurous living experience. In her fascinating book “Place33”, she reveals 33 secrets of universal truths that have been hidden from the human experience for millennium.

The dawn of the expanded human spirit is now. Get a great start on an expanded experience by visiting Here you will find a feast of spiritual tools that will help you delve into the infinite nature of your true spirit. To contact Sherilyn Bridget Avalon for more information about her siminars and spiritual awakening books email:

My name is Ramona Frye and I am a visionary writer for I am also entertainment writer of many mediums. I enjoy entertaining and informing humanity simultaneously. To learn more about my unique writing style visit my blog at The time for elevating the human spirit is now.

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