Intuition is your greatest gift


Every day we’re faced with mass amount of information from sources coming from all types of places.  It doesn’t matter what the topic is because there will always be numerous views on how to perceive the topic. What ever information that you want on a certain topic, you should be prepared to get a lot of different views and opinions on what ever the topic.  Everyone you ask on a certain subject will have their view and most people feel their view is right and everyone else’s is wrong.  I once had a religious guy ask me if my religion was the right one.  I told him yes I believe it is of course I could see it in his eyes he completely disagreed with me.  He continued to invite to his church because of course he believed his religion was the right one.  This same cycle repeats its self in politics, marriage, education etc.  The bottom line is that after you get all these different perspectives on any of these topics, you will have to use your own intuition to make a decision in which one you will choose to be yours.  You may be in alignment with one of these perspectives or you may not.  The important thing to know is all these people are human just like you.  They are no more divine or no less.  What makes you think that some how they have a stronger connection to God, Allah, Buddha, The Creator or any  other higher power?  You have to eventually look within your self and know your own connection to what ever you believe in.  You have to use our intuition to make your decisions.  If you don’t the you will be like most of the eight billion people on the planet who rely mostly on mind conditioning to make their decisions.  This is not a judgement this is just a fact of are human nature.  We all have this wonderful gift of intuition but most of us rarely use it.  If you look at a very well balanced genuinely peaceful person, you will find a human being that uses the gift of intuition well.  It is a guidance mechanism that will lead you to the best for you.  It doesn’t matter what your religious or political beliefs are, you can still use your own intuition to see if you feel in harmony with it.  If you don’t feel in harmony with a certain belief or understanding then your intuition is telling that you need to do some research on this.  There is something about it that is not as perfect as you think.  Intuition is the greatest gift and should be used generously.  It will help you have a more fulfilling empowering life.

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I am a passionate creative writer on a mission to entertain, inspire and inform humanity through igniting short stories, articles and original movie and novel excerpts. I will be bringing you many enticing short stories and articles on a wide variety of intriguing topics. This site is for the revelation of the mind through entertainment. Stay tuned and keep an open mind and you will continuously find many delights for the mind, body and soul.

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