Tired of the rat race of politics.


There has  been an avalanche of news on the political rat race.  You see on a daily basis the negatives and the positives of each candidate.  The news media is on a decadent high exploiting the emotional turmoil Americans are facing as they decide on the two major candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  This has become one of the most emotional draining and violent elections of all time.  We are in a circus right now, and all of are lives are affected by the decisions that we make.  Some people are trembling in their skins in fear of what will happen if Donald Trump becomes president.  Some are becoming angry and disillusioned by the idea of having Hillary Clinton as the next president.  They both have their fans, and their angry enemies, that are taking bites out of their character every chance they get.

Many people are so emotionally vetted into this race that they have become violent at many of Donald Trump rallies.  It is not hard to believe that a fanatical American would be this way when Donald Trump is willing to pay their legal bills.  Voting is suppose to be  a very important decision but not to the point that it raises your blood pressure to lethal levels, makes you afraid to tell  anyone who you are voting for, or destroys your connection with a family member who happens to disagree with you on who to vote for.

Many people are getting tired of this rat race and deciding to opt out completely.  Its draining them and taking away from their inner peace.  I would not suggest opting out of voting but if you can’t make a confident decision between any candidate then opting out is probably the best choice.  Vote your conscious and do your research on the candidate.  Remember no candidate is with out stain.  Choose the one that you feel will be in alignment with what you want for the country the most.  Don’t let the rat race over whelm you.  Remember this too shall pass and you have to go on with your life.  You want to still be able to keep your sanity so you can live the best life possible.

This article comes out of the mind of Ramona Frye, a freelance creative fiction and non-fiction writer.  Take a break from the  political rat race. Get Ramona Frye’s new novel.  “The Awakening of Myra Thomas” A supernatural/thriller.   http://createspace.com/5440322 or http://www.amazon.com/dp/1516857305








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