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I am a passionate creative writer on a mission to entertain, inspire and inform humanity through igniting short stories, articles and original movie and novel excerpts. I will be bringing you many enticing short stories and articles on a wide variety of intriguing topics. This site is for the revelation of the mind through entertainment. Stay tuned and keep an open mind and you will continuously find many delights for the mind, body and soul.

Why tail gators really push my buttons?


I will never for the life of me understand why people tail gate. Is there ego so big they think they own the road and every one is suppose to jump when they say jump? Are they so ignorant that they don’t realize it usually doesn’t solve anything? Most of the time they just piss people off and start the process of road rage. It has happened to me a million times where some one is tail gating me and I pull over to the next lane. The next thing I know their tail gating some one else. I’ve seen times when I get to my destination much faster than the person that was rudely tailgating me. Tail gators are the main cause of accidents on the freeway. Their in such a hurry that they wind up getting in a accident, then they don’t get to their destination at all. Even if they do get to their destination it takes them triple the amount of time. All you tail gators out their I am here to inform you that tail gating usually just slows you down, piss you off and pisses the person your tailgating off. And for all of you that don’t know what tail gating is then I’ll educate you right now. It’s when your riding some one’s bumper. When you don’t have enough sense to put your blinker on and get in the other lane, then switch lanes and get back in front of them. Next time you think of tail gating remember this article it will reduce your stress and the person you would have rudely tail gated.

How to build a business on a shoestring budget


How to build a business on a shoestring budget?

What ever business you decide on should definitely be something you have a interest in. If your doing it only for the money than your not going to stick with it. Do some research on the internet on what ever your business interest is. Find out all the steps you need to take in order to start your business. For example if you want to open up a restaurant. If you don’t have about $25,000.00 to start a restaurant than your setting your self up for failure. Start cooking small meals and invite people over to eat. Put in some small ads on Craigslist that you have a fantastic catering business offering your service at a affordable rate. Once you build a clientele you’ll be able to go to any bank and get a loan. What ever idea you have in mind, you have to ask your self what can I afford right now. You may not become rich over night but if your consistent you’ll see your business growing. As your money grows, you’ll be able to afford to invest more in order for you to take your business to the next level. A good place to start for ideas is to go to google and enter in small business ideas. The most important point is that you have to be really committed. Because in order to really build a business you have to be very consistent and dedicated to making it work. Stay tune to my blog for more articles on small business development.

How to know if you’ve met Mr. Right


There is no magical quick way to know if you’ve met Mr. Right. It takes a little time and patience on your part. Very few people have that phenomenal experience where the first time they meet they fall instantly in love. Most of the time when this happens it’s more of a infatuation then love. Infatuation is like going out to a party and having a few cocktails. Your having a great time but the next day you feel like hell. Love is something that comes from within. It’s not just about what you want it’s also about what that person wants. You have to ask your self does this person communicate with me in a way that I feel is honest and sincere? Are you truly enjoying your self with this person most of the time? Are you proud to be around this person no matter where you go or who else your around? Do you really feel you know this person? Really think about this question because it is the most important one. Most relationships end badly because one or both persons in the relationship really didn’t know the other person. Don’t confuse great sex with a great relationship. They can go together but great love making is only the icing on the cake. If you can truly answer yes to all of these questions, you know that you have Mr. or Mrs. Right. Stay tune to my blog for more updates on relationship building.

Are you tired of hearing about the recession


Are you tired of hearing about the recession?

Is it possible for main stream media to talk about any thing else? Do they get their cookies off by filling the television, internet and radio waves with negativity. I guess it’s easy for them to constantly remind people how bad it is and how miserable people are because their rich. They don’t have a clue of what the average person is going through. I’m talking about the real people who have lost jobs, lost their homes or their hours have been cut. These fat cat main stream media are getting rich off of fear mongering. Most people that are going through hardship during the recession don’t want to hear about how bad everything is all the time. People are trying to lift their spirits not wallow in pity. Focusing on negativity only helps to make the recession worse by making people paranoid. The main thing that really boils my skin is they rarely offer any type of advice on how to deal with the situation. I think if they took a poll today and asked people if they wanted to hear more about the positive things going on in the world. The poll would go through the roof. People are trying to avoid this negative fear mongering media at all cost. I’m not saying their not watching the news but their not focusing on it for very long. It’s just to depressing. The last thing some one in are ready tough situation is to fall into a deep depression. The best way we can reduce the negative press is by complaining about and getting the word out through the internet and word of mouth. Let them know we’re tired of all the negative media. Find something happy to talk about sometimes. Life is to short for people to constantly waste their precious minutes on the main stream media fear mongering.

My favorite Modern Day Hero’s


I think the greatest hero’s are the one’s that you don’t see in the movies. Some of them are great actors or actresses but their nothing compared to the real life Hero’s. A hero can be somebody that just did something compassionate for one person or a Hero can be some one that have helped hundreds or even thousands of people. There were a lot of Hero’s during the Tsunami and the Katrina storms. Their were people that had very little for them selves but still found it in their heart to help some one else. There were so many people that made a lot of small donations. Some people might feel well I don’t have much to give. Stop thinking like that. Every little bit counts and all those little bits add up to massive amounts of goods and services that help hundreds and thousands of people. My favorite modern Hero’s are inspirational Authors. We all need as much inspiration as feasibly possible. We’re living in a recession that hasn’t affected people to this level since the great depression. Most people alive now didn’t even exist on this planet then. One of my favorite writers is Donald Walsch. His writing will help motivate you to connect to your inner spiritual power. We get so caught up in the world around us. Our stressful lives can be very mentally debilitating some times. We often forget about are inner world where we are observing the world around us. He has inspired me and millions of others with his conversations with god books. Wayne Dyer, is another author that absolutely keep me in a state of awe when I read his books. I suggest you go out and by a copy of his book “There’s a solution to every problem.” If your like most people you have some type of problem that you want to solve. He has a lot of great daily affirmations that I have posted in different parts of my house so I can read them on a daily basis. I think are new president Barack Obama is a great hero. He has inspired millions of Americans to focus on their hope for a better tomorrow and not on their fears. I think everyone has some one that’s a hero to them. It may be your neighbor that lives down the street that passes out presents to kids every Christmas. It may be a kid that lives up stairs from you that clears the snow off of your walk way. You can become a hero to some one just by smiling at them. Hey, you never know they might have been in the most depressing mood and just seeing your smile brightened their day. I ran into a guy like that one day. The moment I saw his eyes all my troubles were gone. Just looking into his big beautiful eyes was like being in heaven. He smiled at me and asked me my name. I was almost speechless. He was so gorgeous. His smile was so beautiful. Every time I think about him I think I was touched by a angel that day.

The worst monster movie I ever saw


I heard of low budget movies but “Wrong Turn” wasn’t even a low budget movie, it was just horribly written and directed. The movie starts out with this guy who got lost traveling on the freeway. The freeway was so crowded he decided to take a dirt road. He stopped at this gas station and their was this dirty old elderly man sitting on a bench drinking Pepto Bismo like it was soda. His teeth was rotten and he could barely talk. The young man asked the elderly man if he could use the phone. Their was a dirty old phone booth in front of the store that looked like it had been there since the beginning of the Great Depression. The elderly man pointed at the phone and the young guy finally realize the phone booth was right in front of his face. He notices a map on the wall of the store. It shows a short cut route to his destination. He ask the elderly man if he knew anything about this mysterious short route. The old man just shook his head. He soon meets up with these other young people that are lost to. None of these young people in the 2000’s have a cell phone. Now how ridiculous is that. All of you young college students are taking long trips into the woods and nobody has a cell phone. Now I could see if their cell phones weren’t working but they did not have a cell phone. Unbelievable. One by one they get killed by these deformed filthy looking humans. The last three finally escape and run into a junk yard with a bunch abandoned cars. These cars range from the era of the 1920’s all the way until 2005 when this ridiculous movie was made. The actors aren’t that bad but the script was just unbelievable. They never told you how these deformed humans got there. You never know how they were able to kill all these people for the last seventy years with out getting caught. It ends with a young college girl and guy getting away. The same young guy goes back to the raggedy gas station where the old man was still sitting and pulls the mysterious dirty map off the wall of the store. If you haven’t seen it, my advice please don’t go. It will just piss you off because you will not be able to swallow the thought that none of these young college kids have a cell phone in the new Millennium.

Farewell to “Tweety”


I know what your thinking, I thought Tweety was a bird. A really mean bird that was always getting the cat in trouble. No not in my situation. My cat name was Tweety. She was one of the dearest loves of my life. Every time I saw her sitting in the kitchen window I felt a angel was protecting me. She had the most beautiful white, black and grey hair. It was kind of long and she had started getting wide around the stomach area as she got older. I had her for nearly ten years. That’s about seventy in cat age. I allowed her to have several litters but after the last one I could see it in her eyes that she was tired of being knocked up. I got tired of being knocked up after two kids so I know after five litters she was tired. I had her neutered but she was never really the same after that. She couldn’t move as fast as she use to. That cat use to move so fast that it would be like watching a blur when she ran up a tree or ran pass you. Every morning she would be sitting outside my kitchen window just enjoying the nature around her. She seem to appreciate all the beauty around her. When ever I came out side to sit and look at the mountains she would come and sit right by me. Most of the time she would stay until I got up. It was like she belonged to that house. She was like a protector of the house and my family. We lived on a acre and a half of land so she had plenty of space to roam and venture off. There use to be a lot of male cats snooping around before she got neutered. I think she was relieved that no more male cats were fighting over her however; I believe she became very lonely. One winter it rained a lot and my husband at the time let the grass grow up to three feet high. My son forgot to put her in the garage that night when it was raining really heavy. The next morning I went to open up her brand new garage, which was almost like a studio house, I opened up the door and she was gone. Her son “Little Lion was in their but Tweety was gone. I ran back up to the house and asked my son if he knew where Tweety was. Later that day my son came home and gave me the gruesome news. My son found her tail at the end of the property. I felt so bad for my precious Tweety. She was gone and now in Animal Heaven. I never thought I could be so close to a animal. I knew she loved me even though she could never say it. Just the look in her eyes when she was near me let me know she had unconditional love for me. I will remember my dear pet cat “Tweety” for ever.

How Exciting it is to be me


The first thing I like to say is that I’m not a movie star, rock star, hip hop star or any type of wanna be star. I’m just me. I guarantee that if you think hard enough about your self you’ll find out you’re a pretty interesting person. You don‘t need to be a celebrity to be exciting. Well, I can be a pretty serious person. What helps me get through stressful times and lighten up on how serious I can be about things is watching standup comedians. I just love it. Some of my favorites are Robin Williams, Martin Lawrence, Jamie Fox. Hey if your having a rough day the last thing seeing my post on a lot of different, blogs and forums. I could write until I’m 130 years old. Of course I won’t live that long but I’ll write until my fingers fall off. I just love sci-fi movies it is another way to escape the trials and tribulations of the real world. Some of my favorite sci-fi movies are The Star Wars Trilogies, Star Trek Nemesis, Harry Potter Movies and The Matrix Trilogies. They just take me into another world for a while. If there is such a thing as re-incarnation I want to come back during the Star Trek era.. Before I forget to tell you this, I just finished my first Novel called “Myra’s Awakenings” it’s a sci-fi supernatural thriller. I’ll be posting excerpts from it on different blogs and forums. So Stay Tuned. One of my deepest convictions is educating people on Autism. I have a Autistic daughter so I do a lot of research on how to improve the life development of a Autistic person. I love supporting charities. Their so many great charities out there that are really helping people out a lot. It’s a shame you rarely hear about the positive things people do in the media. I’ll writing a lot of blogs on my favorite Hero’s. The more I discover them, the more I will blog about them. Well I’m a single divorced mother of two and I’m loving every bit of it. I was married for over twenty years so I’m not in any hurry to get in to a long term relationship. The best way to get to know me is to keep reading my blogs. Every writer has it’s own unique style and the more you read about them the more you will know. Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you visit often. And tell your friends. Take care and enjoy life. Bye Bye for now.

Keeping kids busy during spring Break


Spring break can be fun but it can also be very stressful when you have kids. When their in school their use to having a structured schedule. They have very little idle time. Once it’s time for them to get out of spring break their usually more hyper than normal. Their excited about not having to get up in the morning. Their minds is completely on having fun, fun, fun. After a two or three days they will start really getting bored if their time is not occupied with some pretty interesting stuff. After a couple of days playing video games all day they will get bored and this makes it easier for kids to get in to things they shouldn’t get in to. Make a schedule of a few different activities to do on a daily basis. For example from 9am to about 11 am you can all play board games. After this it’s tim to start lunch. After lunch take them for a ride to the park and play some tennis or let them ride on their bikes or skate boards. This will fill their day up until about four pm. By this time their stomachs are growling and it’s time for dinner. After dinner put in a few movies you rented or order them from your cable adviser. Try to create a different schedule each day this will make it more exciting for them and you. Before you know it the week will have passed and they’ll be back in school. You’ll have reduced your stress and still have enough energy to start back your work week.

Dealing with Special needs Children during a recession.


Spring break just started so my autistic fourteen year old daughter is at home. This is difficult for her because she gets so much structure at school. When she’s at home she gets bored quick. Once this happens it’s very little I can get done until I can re-direct her attention for a while. The best way to deal with a special need child during a recession is to write down a list of fun activiies they like to do. Make sure these activities are economically feasible for you. Some of the fun activities I have for my daughter includes watching the country music station. She loves the guitar and Country Music is very influenced by the Acoustic Guitar. She keeps that station on 24/7. Another economical activitie is arts and crafts. My daughter loves to draw and use color pencils or Crayons. She loves coloring books on the Brat Doll, Hanna Montana or Dora the Explorer. She’s a great artist and draws alot of her on pictures and designs. Her favorite thing is to ask me to draw her favorite images. Thank goodness I am a pretty good artist. Hey you really don’t have to be a good artist to participate in this activity with your kid. Every human has a little tiny bit of a artist in side of them. Checkers, Chest or any board games. Hey they will do the trick of occupying their time for atleast a hour. Take a trip to the park and let your kid ride their bike or scooter. This will take up atleast a couple of hours of their time. Another great activitie is reading your kid their favorite story. And don’t just read it put some enthusiasm into it. Pretend your each character and change your voice as the characters change. This makes it more interesting for you and your child. Dancing and Excercise video’s. You don’t have to go out and by that guitar hero if you can’t afford it. There are alot of great dancing video’s out there fo less than fifty dollars. There great exercise and can feel your childs tension span for atleast a hour. Wow! I can’t believe how many activities I just name and that didn’t even scratch the service. But thats ok because I’ll be bringing more blogs with more ideas any way.