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Getting past negativity by using your imagination


Negativity is a nasty flea that is constantly buzzing around are face trying to throw us off balance.  It can’t be completely avoided but it can be transcended.  You can learn to use your imagination to take you to a joyful place until the flea flies away.  We are constantly bombarded with negative images and news through main stream media.  Sometimes its entertaining, sometimes its annoying.  We sometimes feel we are not keeping up with the modern day world if we don’t indulge in it daily. You don’t have to be a slave to it.  Use your imagination to bring you back to peace, joy, bliss, positivity.  We all have a  memory of something that was beautiful, joyful, exciting.  Learn to use941359142 your wonderful mind to escape the trap of negativity.

The Element to daily renewal


Coral the element to daily renewal

Drinking purified water for a longer healthier life

It’s almost too simple to think that the magic cure for many ailments such as headaches, indigestion, common colds can be eliminated by drinking water. However; you will not be able to just drink normal tap water or any of the zillions of different types of bottled waters we buy in the grocery stores. It needs to be treated in order to get the acidity to the right balance. If are sacred life liquid water is not treated with a supplement balancing agent, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria’s, viruses and fungus’s.

Marlene Pritchard, a high spirited business woman from Madison, Mississippi and female visionary is proud to introduce America to Sango Coral Life’s, Defense for healthy living products. It is a two-step process that will change your health dramatically in the long run. It has the profound ability to help you live to be a happy, healthy and very physically happy hundred year old person. One satchel of Coral life put inside a glass of water will completely change the alkaline level. When the alkaline level is reduced free radicals such as bacteria and viruses will not live or breed. The Sango Coral life is a natural supplement abundant in minerals. It also contains magnesium, calcium and other trace elements such as zinc in a natural balance.

Stop the villains of free radicals before they attack

Coral comes from the sea of Okinawa. It is a scientific fact that more Okinawa’s live to be 100 compared to other parts of Japan. Japan is also the longest lived nationality in the world. Drinking this clear alkaline balanced water is one of the keys to this healthy and long living experience.

Marlene Pritchard has found a way to make a living while helping people live longer and fuller lives with less illnesses caused by free radicals in drinking water. Drinking supplement treated water can also cut down and completely stop many common discomforts such as diarrhea, constipation and indigestion.

A chance to renew the body

Sango Coral Life offers a free 90 day evaluation that will help you access which of their water supplement products is best for you. Marlene believes that taking small consistent steps toward everyday improvement in all areas of your life is the secret to huge successes in your personal and professional life. To learn more about this amazing supplement that can improve the health and wellness of you and your entire family visit You can also email Marlene Pritchard at Marlene Pritchard is a member of, an online support group for women visionaries and entrepreneur’s.

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besthandfour2014augA guide to purposeful living

As humans we experience much confusion as we journey through the rabbit whole of our life. We’ve all felt like Alice in Wonderland at some point. We’ve all secretly or publicly screamed out for help in some matter in our lives that we felt lost in. What if there was a way to find out what road you should travel? If you could solve this great mystery, than you could begin to create a dynamic plan to reach your destiny and have a fulfilling life as you travel on your journey.
Nadia Tumas, an advanced certified hand analyst and master certified life coach has designed a marvelous system to guide her clients into opening up this Pandora box. She is a devoted wife and mother of four adult children. She is the founder of Global Health and Wellness Center. She discovered this life empowering system through years of trials, tribulations, education, self-discovery and natural intuition.

Her deepest struggle and search for her life purpose started when she came to America at the age of sixteen years old. She had two children and couldn’t speak a lick of English. She felt very disconnected and lost in the world. The only thing she had besides the love of her parents, was her natural intuition to read people’s hands and give them a glimpse of their approaching tomorrow.

Discovering your unlimited self

Nadia’s life purpose decoding system combines her years of intuitive hand analysis. It directly taps into your spiritual, psychological and metaphysical make up. She has discovered that when inspired by a great purpose or extraordinary project all your thoughts break their bonds and your mind transcends its limitations and expands in every direction. You find out that you discover a great and wonderful world that you never knew existed. Your dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive and you discover yourself to be a greater person than you ever could have imagined.

Transforming confusion to purpose

There is a way out of the madness we often find ourselves in. There is a way to remove the fog so that we can find, create and share more beauty on earth. Nadia is a great humanitarian with a unique gift to analyze your life and give you a fast working map to success through reading your hands. It is a transformational map to your unique being. Nadia now offers you a glimpse into her exciting life purpose system through her free “Life Purpose Jump Start Kit.” Please start opening the mystery to living a life on purpose by going to her website You can also contact her directly by emailing her at

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