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Are you tired of hearing about the recession


Are you tired of hearing about the recession?

Is it possible for main stream media to talk about any thing else? Do they get their cookies off by filling the television, internet and radio waves with negativity. I guess it’s easy for them to constantly remind people how bad it is and how miserable people are because their rich. They don’t have a clue of what the average person is going through. I’m talking about the real people who have lost jobs, lost their homes or their hours have been cut. These fat cat main stream media are getting rich off of fear mongering. Most people that are going through hardship during the recession don’t want to hear about how bad everything is all the time. People are trying to lift their spirits not wallow in pity. Focusing on negativity only helps to make the recession worse by making people paranoid. The main thing that really boils my skin is they rarely offer any type of advice on how to deal with the situation. I think if they took a poll today and asked people if they wanted to hear more about the positive things going on in the world. The poll would go through the roof. People are trying to avoid this negative fear mongering media at all cost. I’m not saying their not watching the news but their not focusing on it for very long. It’s just to depressing. The last thing some one in are ready tough situation is to fall into a deep depression. The best way we can reduce the negative press is by complaining about and getting the word out through the internet and word of mouth. Let them know we’re tired of all the negative media. Find something happy to talk about sometimes. Life is to short for people to constantly waste their precious minutes on the main stream media fear mongering.