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How to stay positive on steamy hot day


Dealing with mood swings in a heat storm

We all know that we’re suppose to drink a lot of water, stay in the shade, wear cool clothes when its hot.  Most of us women wish we could turn into a guy on those super hot steamy days then we could walk around shirtless.  All these ideas that help cool the body off, do very little to keep you from becoming grumpy and tired.  The heat penetrates your body and seems to bake the brain.  Your temper is short. The things that normally went right over your head, in the heat, seems to be overwhelmingly hard to deal with.  You snap at your kids more, your co-workers irritate the hell out of you for the smallest things, and your husband makes you want to pull your hair out.  It’s the heat changing your body temperature. It not only affects you physically but psychologically.

Slaying the psychological affects of heat stress

So how do we deflect the power of the heat’s furious blows to our psychiatric well being.  We have to take the smallest joys and make it a big thing.  We have to realize that this is just a temporary knock down from the elements as we move through are life’s journey.  Go buy your self a ice cream cone.  Don’t worry about your diet on a day that it’s 102 degrees outside with 80% humidity.  You are more concerned with your mental well being that day. Take a cool bubble bath and soak for twenty minutes.  Use your imagination and pretend your are on an exotic tropical island or that you are on a cruise ship heading toward Paris.  You can even imagine taking a trip to the moon or mars.  It doesn’t matter where you go, the key is to use your imagination to take you to a place of peace and relaxation.  Don’t let the heat dragon take away your joy or turn you into a mean nasty beast.  You can drink your ice tea and get under a shade tree and feel the breeze for a few minutes.  Go back to that thought every time the heat demons try to take you off balance.  Hot days come and go but they don’t have to take you down to your lowest state.  You can stay positive on those hot steamy days.  You can become your own super hero.  The heat is the villain that you refuse to take away your joy.