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Getting past negativity by using your imagination


Negativity is a nasty flea that is constantly buzzing around are face trying to throw us off balance.  It can’t be completely avoided but it can be transcended.  You can learn to use your imagination to take you to a joyful place until the flea flies away.  We are constantly bombarded with negative images and news through main stream media.  Sometimes its entertaining, sometimes its annoying.  We sometimes feel we are not keeping up with the modern day world if we don’t indulge in it daily. You don’t have to be a slave to it.  Use your imagination to bring you back to peace, joy, bliss, positivity.  We all have a  memory of something that was beautiful, joyful, exciting.  Learn to use941359142 your wonderful mind to escape the trap of negativity.

Reading is good for keeping the mind in shape


Reading is good for keeping the mind in shape.  Watching tv does nothing for strengthening your minds ability to think and imagine.  There is nothing wrong with watching television, movies, music videos, infomercials etc. They are for entertainment mostly. You have a universe within your mind’s imagination which can be exercised by reading.  It doesn’t matter the subject.  Hopefully, you don’t read things that will motivate you to hurt another.  If you do than I suggest you start reading something to help clear the negativity from your mind.  I am a passionate writer and I love entertaining and informing through my writings.

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