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How to remember a universal legend?


How to remember a universal legend?

Many living legends have gone down in history intriguing are minds through generations. Most of us are well aware of historical legendary figures like Leonardo Divinci, Mozart, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and the list goes on and on. These historical legends are generally known for the positive contributions they have given to us. Their spirits linger with us every time we view there art, listen to their music or hear about their phenomenal discoveries. These historical legends personal life, for the most part, remains a mystery. It enables us to easily focus only on their various accomplishments. In are modern day minds they are like angels of light that once walked the earth and shared their various gifts. We also have what we call are modern day legends like Liberachi, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Marvin Gaye and now the king of pop Michael Jackson. Not only are these modern day legends famous, they are known as celebrities. Celebrity is a label that brings more than just glitter and admirations. It also opens up the can of worms that brings out all the dark baggage. All the skeletons that were once in or out of the closet come alive. We thrive on them. We crave the knowledge of there wounds. We search for their faults and their dirty little habits that seem to light up the television screams. They clog up the blogs, forums, chat rooms and u-tubes on the internet. We become so engrossed into their personal private misfortunes, human mistakes and personal failures that we lose something very vital. We lose the greatest focus of their life. We lose the very things their souls came to this earth to share with us. We cloud up the treasures they gave because of our nasty little habits that crave dark drama.

Most humans claim they want more positive media. We all want to see more love, happiness, joy and compassionate things on the news and on the internet. However; when ever a negative story comes out we thrive on it. And when it’s about a celebrity we eat it up like vultures. What does this say about us? If we want to truly remember a legend admirably we must focus on the magnificent gifts they shared with us. They gave us a precious gift that touched us in some way. Throw their garbage and skeletons into the trash of your mind. Delete it from your subconscious. Whether you are a legend or a regular Joe, We all want to be remembered for the beauty with in us. Even if we’re not aware of it. Let’s remember are most recent living legend, “The incomparable Michael Jackson” for his beautiful music, dance and amazing stage performances. Let’s treasure those memories and make them the dominate thing we remember about him. If we start now then the next generation won’t have to carry the burden of using vital energy on dark useless baggage. In this new generation we will see the birth an era where we will all live on the level of legends.

By Ramona Frye