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Time doesn’t have to be your enemy


Time “the master of your mind”

Every day, every hour, every moment, every second we’re constantly being ruled by it.  From the moment we wake up in the morning. We jump up out of bed like a chicken with its head cut off and look at the time.  We take a shower, brush are teeth, get dressed, and maybe have breakfast.  For most of us, breakfast is a luxury that only happens on the weekend. We immediately start thinking about dealing with rush hour traffic and praying that it won’t be a car accident or road block that makes us late for our job.  Once we get to work, if we’re late we dread having to face our boss and have to think up a new excuse on why we’re late.  We move through our day constantly checking the time and checking are work to make sure we made our quota for the day.  The panic doesn’t end there because as soon as the clock hits five o’clock or what ever time we get off, we jump up grab our purse, briefcase or what ever items we have to take home.  After are stressful work day is over, we rush home take are kid to baseball practice or dance lesson, stop at the store buy groceries then rush home and cook dinner.  We finally sit down watch television or surf the web.  Before we know it, we’re looking at the time and noticing it’s after ten o’clock.  We jump up brush our teeth, say goodnight to our loved ones, put on our pajamas and hit the sack.  The first twenty minutes after laying down, thoughts of all the stuff we have to do by a certain time runs through are head like a rabbit running through a cabbage patch.

Master time by prioritizing your life

This thing called time can be something that seems almost insane because we can’t seem to get our mind off of it. Time doesn’t have to be your enemy.  Go to sleep a little earlier if you have to get up early.  Later that morning, you will be thankful that you did.  You’ll wake up and finally have time to eat a bowl of cereal and have some coffee or tea.  You can finally walk to your car instead of dashing out like a crazed mad man or woman.  You can turn on your radio and listen to some uplifting music or throw in your favorite cd that always puts a smile on your face.   When you arrive at work, you’ll be way more relax.  You’ll have time to get to work early, park and go read the paper or check your emails on your cell phone.  You may even have time to jot down the most important things you have to do that day.  You are the master of time.  You just need to have a different perspective of it and get your priorities straight.  Your daily life is for living.  Time is just a filing system for everything you do in it.  What matters is the quality of the time not the time itself.  Take one day a week and try not to look at the time.   If you look at the time purposely more than twice then you are still letting this illusory concept master you.

A woman with a burning desire for education



A woman with a burning desire for education.

By Ramona Frye


Freedom from oppression through education

          Angela Raduk Miller is one of the rare human beings who was born with a sense of their life’s purpose.  She was born during the baby boomer era in the small village of Sarawak, located in the tropical Islands of Malaysia.   Her parents knew she had this extraordinary gift and gave her the name, “Raduk” which means in her native Badayuh language, “A girl of burning desire.”   It is this natural burning desire to survive and triumph over all obstacles that helped her to survive and pursue her mission.   She has written this extraordinary inspirational book called “Horned Bills Daughter.”  This book takes you on an inspirational adventure of one woman’s determination and courage to survive.  She struggled through all odds to become educated and fought for educational rights for the women of her small village and around the world.    Education became the way to connect to the world community and learn about all different types of cultures.   She learned to respect others more and honor all of humanity regardless of their cultural differences.   Winning through education helped her obtain the courage to inspire women to pursue education for empowerment worldwide.

Using difficult challenges to gain courage and determination

          We live in a world of many obstacles and experience many unexpected challenges.   Women face specific challenges every day that require them to be strong and courageous.   They need that extra inspiration and determination to triumph over any obstacles that may be challenging them in their business, social, career or romantic life.   Angela Raduk Miller reveals in her book how you can use many of the challenges in your life as a way to build courage and determination.  In this book you will be entertained as you are inspired to learn how to gain that ultimate power that will help you manifest your destiny.    It is a tropical journey in which she fights to triumph over poverty, discrimination, lack of modern healthcare, debilitating superstitions and opression.    

Changing disempowering beliefs

          Angela Raduk Miller’s book has been rated a five star read by amazon.  It is an informative book that will help you to start letting go of disempowering beliefs or negative mind conditioning.   Please visit: www.amazon.com  to purchase her astounding book “Hornbills daughter.”   It is time for a universal equalization that stops women from being held back based on old distorted beliefs that were created to help males stay in power of the planet.   We now have the resources to fight any discrimination or disempowerment that we may experience as women.   We have made it to “2014.”  Let’s make this a year we start on are great path to great change for the empowerment of women.

          Ramona Frye is a universal creative freelance writer specializing in creative fiction and non-fiction short stories, articles and screenplays that inspire and encourage women to create a winning spirit.   She happily admits to being a dedicated optimist and a movie fanatic.  She specializes in writing supernatural scripts and stories surrounding women’s issues.   To learn more about her writings visit:   www.awakeningofmyra.wordpress.comwww.elavationsun.com, www.ramonamewrites.com.

          Ramona Frye encourages you to find out more about how you can be involved in helping women and yourself in gaining empowerment to live an extraordinary life visit: www.braveheartwomen.com.